When the supplier/provider is integrated via APIs, the data sync happens automatically. However, when you have FTP based supplier/provider, you need to update incremental inventory manually. This can be done in a few simple steps as mentioned below -

  • Create a .csv file in our below-attached format.
  • Create a pathway as per the below syntax and upload the file on your FileZilla. 
    • [FTP Root]/[DATE]/[SupplierName]/[VervotechMappingsSupplierId]   
    • Eg. - 18122019/HotelBeds/johndoe__johndoe__HotelBeds 
  • And then upload the pathway under the Load Provider Content on the client portal. 
  • For the standard format of the data, please refer In what format I can share hotel data for mapping? 

We recommend following all the guidelines mentioned in the above article. It is necessary to follow the above steps and standard guidelines for the data to have hassle-free incremental data updates on your account.

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out on our Customer Success Portal