Once your account is created, our Customer Success Engineer sends you the user name and Client Portal Link. You have to access the Client Portal link and reset the password by using Forgot password option to log in to your account & access the below details - 

  • Account details
  • FTP credentials 

Account details

  • Once logged in, at the right top corner click on the account id. For eg. in the below image vtech is the account id
  • On the account details pop-up you will see your account details like -
    • Product opted - Hotel mapping, Room mapping, Curated content
    • Subscription plan - Standard, Basic, Enterprise, etc. 
    • Account id - Your unique Account id
    • API Key - Your unique API key

Apart from the Account details you can access the API documentation link. Also, you can use our Customer Success Portal to reach out to us for any assistance. 

FTP Credentials

FTP credentials are required to access content files on your SFTP. To access these credentials follow the below navigation.

  • Click on Load Provider Portal in the left navigation. 
  • Click on Show My FTP Credentials

Once click on Show My FTP Credentials, a pop-up shows up with your FTP credentials where you will see, FTP location, Username, and Password.

With these details, you are all set to explore and test APIs and content. If you have any queries please feel free to reach out to us on our Customer Success Portal.