Reviews and ratings are dynamic content. As you can imagine, if a hotel's overall rating is 4.5. The next day the same hotel gets a new review and rating which is basically a very low rating then it impacts the overall rating, which could change to 4.2, 4.1, or anything for that matter. 

So when it comes to Vervotech content, we do have reviews and ratings-related parameters in our APIs, so if this data is being provided by the suppliers, it is returned as it is in the API response. However, all suppliers may not have that data, so in such a case the response will be Null. 

This data is updated on the regular sync that we do with the supplier's platform so when there are any changes in reviews and ratings, you will the updated data in incremental syncs. 

If you have more questions on this please feel free to write us via our customer success portal.