When any inventory is processed in our system for mapping there is a chance that some properties fall under the unmapped category. There are multiple reasons for that, like missing data, stale data, etc. Read this for more details. 

In this case, if the count is very high, we analyze the data and try to find the exact reasons for properties being unmapped. If needed we also work with the suppliers and try to get more quality content from them and remap it. We also try to eliminate those issues at our end when possible and remap the data to make sure that the maximum amount of data can be processed automatically as that is the best and fastest way of mapping. 

Over and above this, if we see that there are still some unmapped properties and those are important for the client, on the client's request we share that with our manual team. We have a team of dedicated manual content specialists who manually curate and update the data back in the system. 

Since it is a manual process it takes a lot of time. So in such a case, we ask our clients to prioritize the inventory. For eg, properties from specific brand chains, locations, cities, etc.  And then we work on the data on given priority. Our end goal is always to provide maximum mappings out of the entire inventory we get from suppliers or clients.