In the room mapping platform, our algorithms are built is a smart way that they are capable of analyzing room inventory based on different data points majorly based on category, view, and bedding type. 

However, sometimes the provided room inventory will have some kind of weird data our algorithm could not read and group. In this case, to avoid any bad customer experience we categorize that data under the unmapped category as we don't do any force mapping. 

For example, in the below image, you would notice that there is no information about the view type or bed type. It just says it is a standard room. In this case, the system could not map the room because there was not enough information for mapping. The system could not give a standard name to this room like whether it is a standard room-specific view type, whether it is a single bed, king bed, or queen bed room. 

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In some cases, you may notice that even Verified hotels do have unmapped rooms. This is possible when our manual team is not able to match the given rooms with actual rooms available on hotel websites. In such a case we avoid force mapping and  keep those rooms unmapped.