Using Hotel Mapping increases the accuracy of the Room Mapping since by providing Vervotech id we will be making sure that we identify the hotel right which also allows us to do the master room matching more accurately. Having Vervotech id will also let us get the accurate provider room content that is mapped with the same Vervotech id for the exact hotel.

Although the Vervotech id is not mandatory, sometimes clients have different provider details, which may not allow the system to match the hotel or match it with the right hotel. This impacts the accuracy of the mapped rooms.

The other benefit of having hotel mapping is in terms of user experience. If you use our hotel mappings, you will get accurate static hotel content that you can use to improve search results. For example, if someone is searching for a hotel based on nearby locations like airports, cricket stadiums, etc, you can use these locations in search logic to provide hotel results. Along with room data, hotel data accuracy and quality definitely play a good role for end users. 

Read more about hotel mapping and room mapping on our website. Or feel free to reach out via our Customer Success Portal