1. When you are working with outsourced travel Technology Company for your Hotel Booking API - 

a. If your technology partner integrated with Vervotech as a technology partner - 

 Vervotech is pre-integrated with most of the leading travel technology partners. So in this case this is how things will work - 


  • Setup – Vervotech will set up a client portal account for you in Vervotech Mappings
  • Integration – Since the tech partner is already integrated with us, Vervotech will provide mappings for providers of your choice to your tech partner
  • Go Live – Tech Partner will publish the Vervotech Mappings in your live system

b. If your technology partner is not integrated with Vervotech as a technology partner

  • Vervotech is constantly working on onboarding new technology partners to our platform

  • So if your technology partner is not integrated on Vervotech platform, lets us know about the partner and we will work with that technology partner to get them integrated with our services
  • Once your tech partner is integrated with our services, your process to start using Vervotech Mappings will be same as explained above in point (a). 



You have your in-house hotel API technology and want to use hotel mappings in your product


Below are the steps to start using Vervotech Mappings for you,

  1. Setup - Our Customer Success team will work with you for set up and onboarding
  2. Provider Content - Supply provider hotel content to Vervotech for Mappings
  3. Map Content - Vervotech mapps all the hotel content and assigns Vervotech Id to them
  4. Download Mappings to Use - Download mappings from Vervotech to use in your system



1. Setup

  1. Once you signup and become a Vervotech, our Customer Success team will reach out to you for a quick kick-off call to understand your requirements and goal. 

  2. Your account will be created for the Vervotech Client portal and credentials will be shared with you


Provider Content


Next step is to get provider content from you. There are different ways to get provider content. 


  1. Approval from Provider 
  • Vervotech has master credentials with premium partners of Vervotech where Vervotech downloads content from provider directly using the master credentials between Vervotech and Provider. 
  • Before Vervotech can release the mappings for the provider to any subscriber, provider need to give approval confirming Subscriber is working with provider. 
  • Subscriber can request approval to provider from Vervotech portal or can request it over email and share email approval with Vervotech.


2. Using your API Credentials

  • Vervotech has many Providers integrated at API, but Vervotech doesn’t have master credentials with these providers yet. Subscribers can configure their credentials for those providers in Vervotech so that Vervotech can download content of that provider for Subscriber directly from Provider.


  1. Upload Hotel Content CSV to Vervotech FTP
    • Upload hotel content in a specific format CSV to Vervotech FTP.
    • Vervotech FTP details are available in client portal. 



Map Content 


Vervotech Maps most of the content in 6 hours. Based on traffic for mapping, it can take up to 48 hours in some cases.


Frequency of mapping content from provider is as below,


  1. Content downloaded from provider through API by Vervotech directly, then it’s downloaded and mapped at a scheduled frequency. 
  2. The scheduled frequency is different for each provider based on the frequency at which provider is publishing the updates. E.g., Expedia gives content updates every day whereas Hotel Beds gives content updates twice a month. Vervotech downloads Expedia content every day whereas Hotel Beds is downloaded twice a month.
  3. For every provider, content is downloaded at least one a month. 
  4. You can see download and mapping frequency for all providers in client portal under Provider management.
  5. For Providers where content is provided as CSV through FTP, every time you upload a new file, file is processed as soon as you trigger the file for processing. 



Download Mappings to Use


You can download Curated content and mappings of provider codes with Vervotech Ids by two options,


1. Download using API – Incremental Update (Recommended)

  1. Vervotech Provides JSON Based APIs to download curated Content as well as all mappings.
  2. APIs allows you to download mappings incrementally. That means every time you download mappings, you need to pass the timestamp of when you downloaded mappings last time and APIs gives you newly added, updated, and deleted mappings after that time stamp.
  3. 3 separate APIs for giving new added mappings, updated mappings & deleted mappings. 
  4. Frequency to take updates from Vervotech for mappings and content is client’s discussion. Vervotech recommends clients to update mappings daily so that updates are reflected on your website faster.


2. CSV File – Full Dump of Mappings

  1. Vervotech also provides CSV files with curated content and mappings on FTP location to customers as below,
    1. FTP access for your account to download CSV files is in client portal under source your content. 
    2. Master Hotel List with Curated Content – CSV which contains all unique hotels across all your providers with Vervotech Id and Curated Content (Opiniated Content) for those. Curated Content includes Hotel Name, Star Rating, Geo Code, Address, Brand Information, Property Type & Star rating. 
    3. Mappings in default format – All of the provider codes mapping with Vervotech Ids are available in this file..
    4. Mappings in TGX Format – if you are working with TravelGateX, we support the format to download mappings which is compliant with TravelGateX
    5. CSV files are generated once a month based on your preference. If you plan to consume mappings through CSV files, communicate your preferred date of month to generate files for your account. 
    6. Folder structure to see above mappings files in your FTP account is as below, 
      1. Master Hotel list - //add path here
      2. Mapping files - //add path here