The Mapping activity for a provider can take different times depending on the method of data transfer and how many providers you subscribe to.


For an Integrated Supplier: These are the suppliers with their APIs already integrated with us. In such a case we can simply run a downloader for their data to be mapped. Our speed is 500k mappings per day. The first download would take some time but the consecutive data download is incremental and can happen much faster. We highly recommended having all suppliers as Integrated suppliers.


For Non-Integrated Suppliers/FTP integrated: These are suppliers which are not integrated with us. These suppliers can be either converted to Integrated suppliers via API integration which can take a few days or we can run their mappings via FTP. But the mappings would every time take time as per the size of file instead of an incremental sync. 


In all, on average, it takes anywhere between 2 to 5 working days for us to load all the providers' content and have the mappings ready for you the first time.