You can look for a particular hotel through ‘Explore Providers Content’ tab:



You can search for hotels by the various search boxes given here


  1. The top bar will help you search for a hotel by its name
  2. Provider hotel id the id which is given to a hotel by a provider/supplier
  3. Hotel chain name corresponds to the tag of a brand of hotel chains.
  4. City name – As the name suggests can help you search by the name of a city
  5. Vervotech hotel id is the id assigned to the hotels by Vervotech mappings once the mapping process is completed. You can search by simply entering the Vervotech mapping id in this box
  6. Property type can be Hotel, Resort, Villa, Apartments.
  7. Country – you can search by country name.
  8. Hotel rating slider selector lets you select, from to upto category of hotels you would like to see.