You can access your mapped data through API or FTP


1. Download using API – Incremental Update (Recommended) Vervotech Provides JSON Based APIs to download curated Content as well as all mappings.


  1. APIs allows you to download mappings incrementally. That means every time you download mappings, you need to pass the timestamp of when you downloaded mappings last time and APIs give you newly added, updated, and deleted mappings after that time stamp.
  2. 3 separate APIs for giving new added mappings, updated mappings & deleted mappings. Here is the API Documentation for Hotel Mapping
  3. Frequency to take updates from Vervotech for mappings and content is at client’s discretion. Vervotech recommends clients to update mappings daily so that updates are reflected on your website faster.

2.  CSV File – Full Dump of Mappings Vervotech also provides CSV files with curated content and mappings on FTP location to customers as below,


  1. FTP access for your account to download CSV files is in client portal under source your content. 
  2. Master Hotel List with Curated Content – CSV which contains all unique hotels across all your providers with Vervotech Id and Curated Content (Opinioned Content) for those. Curated Content includes Hotel Name, Star Rating, Geo Code, Address, Brand Information, Property Type & Star rating. Click Here to see format of CSV for master hotels with curated content 
  3. Mappings in default format – All of the provider codes mapping with Vervotech Ids are available in this file. Click here to see the format of this file.
  4. Mappings in TGX Format – if you are working with TravelGateX, we support the format to download mappings which is compliant with TravelGateX.  Click here to download the format of TGX for mappings.
  5. CSV files are generated once a month based on your preference. If you plan to consume mappings through CSV files, communicate your preferred date of month to generate files for your account. 
  6. Folder structure to see above mappings files in your FTP account is as below, 
    1. Master Hotel list
    2. Mapping files 
    3. The path would look like this /ftp/HotelContentExporter_FTPUpload/output/08/06/2021