To ensure the maximum accuracy of the data Vervotech platform maps the data in a specific format, meaning with specific data points as listed below. If any of the below data points are missing, the property falls under the unmapped category.  

  • SupplierName    
  • SupplierHotelId   
  • HotelName    
  • Line1 (Address) 
  • CityName
  • StateName
  • StateCode
  • ZipCode
  • CountryCode
  • CountryName
  • StarRating
  • Lat
  • Long

Apart from this, if there are any special characters in the data that the system is not able to read, the property is categorized as unmapped. We have these strict checks on the data mapping since we want to ensure maximum accuracy. It is important to have maximum accuracy as the wrong mappings can lead to duplicate or badly mapped data. So it is always good to unmap such properties. So later on we can manually verify issues and fix the unmapped data. 

To get this unmapped data, you can use API called Get Unmapped Provider Hotels. Please check this link for more details on this API.