Bad Mapped hotels can be reported in 2 ways:


  1. Through the client Portal: 

This can be done through “Explore Providers Content” Tab in the client Portal of Vervotech Mappings.

Step 1: Search for any hotel through the various search fields available as shown in the picture below

Step 2: Once you have searched for a particular hotel the screen would show a list of same hotel from various suppliers as shown below:

Step 3: On the right you can see the view button. When you click on this button it takes you to a page which lists all the properties mapped to a single Vervotech Mappings Id. It will look like the picture below.

Step 4: If you find any hotels in the above list which is bad mapped  you can click on the Orange button on top of the page “Report Bad Mapping”.

This action would raise a system generated email notification to our support team and after a proper investigation of the case the Bad map would be fixed. It will either be merged with an existing Id or a new id. If it is not a bad map the request is rejected by our Customer Success Engineer.



  1. Incidental Reporting.:

 The other way is for you to report the bad maps by sharing screenshots or names of the hotels to us at and our support team would do the rest for you by carefully investigating and fixing it.