It is our own hotel master data that gives you exact information about every property on the planet, we have covered vacation rentals apartments villas resorts, etc.

It is exclusive data curated manually by our huge team of manual mappers through trusted sources and the actual hotel websites too.
We have an exhaustive attribute list of 25+ attributes with which we match each property in the database and standardize it to offer it as a product. Using our hotel-curated content our customers experience more stickiness on their websites from the customers, which ultimately leads to higher conversions. We also have created Curated Rooms for more than 10,000 hotels in prime locations like Las Vegas, Dubai, Paris, and Istanbul. 

In our curated content, you will get - 

  • Content for  25+ hotel attributes
  • Multilingual content if needed
  • Dedicated content services team for your customized content curations needs
  • Coverage of 98% and above data accuracy

Please feel free to contact for more details and a demo.